Qualified Plumber

Although I specialise in boiler replacements, I am also a qualified plumber and no job is too big or too small for my expertise.

As a highly trained professional, I am qualified to take on any project. Whether it’s a plumbing repair, a post-delivery installation, remodelling, boiler repair or replacement, Exe Plumbing and Heating is the company to call, at 01395-222592. My prices are extremely competitive, and I can even optimise your equipment for peak efficiency.

I approach every job with a hands-on, can-do attitude and I proudly serve Exmouth and surrounding areas. If you want to be treated fairly and save money or just ask me a plumbing question, call today!

All our boiler installations come with up to a 10-year warranty. We offer reasonable rates on all general plumbing works. We will do the utmost to assist you with any issues including:

  • Boiler services and repairs
  • Repair water leaks
  • Tap and toilet leaks
  • Garbage disposal leaks
  • Water heater installation
  • Water treatment installation (water softeners)
  • New services for water and gas
  • Radiator repairs and flushing
  • Post-delivery bathroom and shower installation